pulled towards temptations

It really bothers me how social networking and the internet has revolved so much and millions of people have been influenced by all the crappy addiction. Maybe it is just me experiencing this but i feel like we are all so attached to the virtual world; we always want to have some sort of popularity or fame, or maybe just getting attention from as many people as we can.

 Sometimes we rely too much on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Blogger, YouTube and all those sites to make us satisfied with ourselves when people praise us for something that we post or say. It's an ugly truth, even for me i must admit. I'm not proud of wanting this satisfaction. It reminds me of the bad characteristics we should not have as Muslims; such as riak and stuff.

 It becomes a battle between our heart and our mind; we know it is something that could stray us even further from the Path, but yet the temptation to post that picture that will surely get a hundred likes is just too hard to resist. In the end, what do we get? Nothing, absolutely nothing. What the hell is a hundred likes good for? I mean, i'm not saying having all of these things is wrong, because people do have the fair right to express themselves. But before doing it all, i believe it is our intentions that really count and determine the significance of the things we do.

The messed up thing about wanting all these sort of temporary pleasure is the fact that when we don't get it or when it does not end up the way we want it to, we get all sad and emotional about it, and that's when the stupid insecurities start to flood in and we think everybody hates us and that we are ugly and useless and lifeless and insignificant in society and many other negative thoughts start to crawl into our sad, naive mind.

Sometimes it can even be about a guy that we like, when they don't treat us the way we want them to, or if we get jealous of our friends being more popular or seem cooler than us, or you know, all those other things we all waste our time on. The worst thing is, it's something that's becoming quite accepted to do or feel these things. It's tiring. It's tiring to see many people do this, and being weak enough to be influenced by the norm of it. It's tiring to keep trying to be socially accepted, and to not have the strength to have my own self-confidence to not care about all of this.

 The temptations of the youth nowadays are really quite crappy actually, but because majority of us are influenced by it, it becomes difficult for us to stay away. It's like a magnet, running away from the force of attraction when it just endlessly pulls you in and it is freaking exhausting. But once you're far enough, once you've escaped the force that tried to pull you back, then you're free. You'll be free to walk your own path, to not depend on those things to make you happy, and when you look back, you'll see so many people still attracted to the strong temptation. Some are still fighting and resisting, but most lets themselves get closer and closer, because they think that's how they'll get true happiness. It's pretty ironic how we keep wanting things that eventually makes us sad and depressed.

I don't want to be one of those people, i want to keep fighting the force of the magnet, the temptations. It's tough, but i am tougher. I might get pulled back sometimes, but once i realise that being free is true bliss, then i'll fight again, and i'll keep fighting. In front of me i see those who are strong, and have managed to free themselves. Some were never pulled back in the first place. They are strong.  The strength is called faith, and i pray everyday to God for it to keep flowing within me.


Oh Allah, make my best day when I return to You!
- www.lionofAllah.com

p.s. please don't be offended with what i've written, this is my point of view and my opinions, and i didn't really plan to publish is at first. if you have any arguments or opinions to share, feel free to comment :)


  1. love it girl.. definitely,sometimes social network creates a gap between us and our real life without us knowing.. we should lessen our time on social network and focus on real things and people in our live.. like our family and best friends :)



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