Family Time :)

Its 2.27am on Sunday and i really can't sleep. I've been on the computer since 10pm on Saturday.WHY?
Well, my (huge) family and I traveled to Langkawi and there was no internet! YAYY and AWW!

Thirty two members of our family(three of them soon to be) went on the same plane(MAS), and stayed at the same AWESOME resort.
We didn't really plan to explore the island, it was more about relaxing especially after my parents just came back from Saudi Arabia.

I had an amazing time, even without the internet. We had the whole resort to ourselves for the first 2 days, which means that the pool was absolutely empty!
We played water polo, volleyball, raced in the pool and lots more.
Yes, the moms, dads, grandparents and kids all joined in. That's what made it so fun xD.
I'm pretty proud of this shot xD 
Synchronized Swimming? Or posing?lol

Nazreen, fishing!

Whooo, go Spain!

Nurul, cutest lil superstar


Since we were at the beach, i used the opportunity to take pictures and learn more about photography from my cousins. Yes, they got DSLR as well. Three DSLRs and 4 photographers. How fantastic!
They're not that great, but take a look.




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2017 Reading Challenge
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