Cute lil Kittens!

 I love kittens!The one in the pic there? Yeah, that's Jerry! He's so CUTE! He would go somewhere where everyone could see him, then just randomly fall asleep there. Pffftt, attention seeker! But who can blame him, he's so adorable! Pretty hyper too. He scares other cats who are like 4 times bigger than him. Chases them around and bully them. Haha. Oh yeah by the way, Jerry's not my cat, he's my cousin's cat. But he's the brother of Max and Stevie.

Max after getting bathed. He got cold.

Ain't he ADORABLE?? That's MAX! One thing about Max though, as cute as he is, but he is VERY blurred. I feel sorry for him sometimes. I would put his food in a container, and he'd still be looking for it. So i'd have to put the container right in front of his face for him to notice. His fur is really thick and soft. He doesn't meow much. And he is such a POSER! I mean, just look at that picture!

I haven't had a photoshoot with Stevie yet though, he's like a ninja or something! He would appear out of no where and disappear just like that. You find him in the randomest places. Okay, maybe i'm exaggerating a little, but still. STEVIE IS A NINJA!

Yeah that's all. Just thought i'd show off my cats a little, hehe.



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2017 Reading Challenge

2017 Reading Challenge
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