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I loved to read books since I was 8-years-old. See the left pile there? The one underneath the iPad? Yeah, that was the first series I EVER read. And i can easily say they're my all time favourite series. Six years later, and I'm still attached to the whole new world JK Rowling created. Imagine that pile with 3 more piles on top. Yeah, that'd be how many pages I've read in the series, since i've read them all 4 times. That pile is my 'magical' world.
Then the next pile. They're mostly to do with romance, so that's like my 'teenage' world of vampires(not all of them are about vampires though, mostly romance). Someone borrowed my New Moon and Breaking Dawn, so technically that pile should be taller.
Then the far right pile.That's kinda the pile that's in between my childhood and teenage days. Mostly about spies and adventure. So that's like my 'adventure' world. Some of those books should be in the 'teenage' pile though, for some reason i just put them there.
Okay, so lastly is that pink book in the middle. "How to be More Interesting" by Edward de Bono. The only non-fiction book there. LOL. I just saw it at MPH and it looked interesting and pretty so i just bought it. Haven't read it yet, but planning to soon.

Note: These are only SOME of the books that i've read, there's like 100 others that i've also read but just don't have the books. This one's just my own small collection.

Max wants to read too!



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2017 Reading Challenge

2017 Reading Challenge
Kamalia has read 15 books toward her goal of 50 books.