My fat and furry brother.

I still remember the day I first met Bubba. He was so adorable and tiny!
March 7. That was the date, i'm pretty sure.
I remember watching him grow up, getting fat and cute and chasing and playing with our neighbour's cat.

About a month and a half ago, Bubba got 2 new little brothers, Max and Stevie. Since we got 3 cats now, Its a little hard to give Bubba all the attention.
So i don't know what's wrong now.

He won't look at us. He would move if we patted him. He won't come if we call him. He won't sleep next to us anymore.
BUBBA!! WHY are you doing this to us?
It upsets us to see you like this. Its like you wish you had a different family or something.
I wish I could make you believe that you're the best cat we'll ever have. Even when my dad was in Mecca, he kept on mentioning you, not his real kids. Yeah, that's kinda sad. But its because we all love you with all our hearts, and wish you would know that.
We want you back, Bubba. We want you back.
Don't ever feel like we don't love you anymore. Don't EVER.

Bubba, you're the best cat anyone could ever have. I love you. Come back to us. Please.
The day he came to us :)

Your sis,

Note: Haven't uploaded his cute fat pics.


  1. Pergh, Max and Stevie. Aku rasa nama-nama tipikal macam tompok, miaw dengan comot dah pupus.

    I had a cat named Jalak. Dah lama menghilang.


  2. @KeCiK:Hahaha, yup, zaman kucing pun dah modern skarang xD
    Wow, i can't imagine if Bubba's gone =S

    @fobia: if only he can hear u too :(

  3. whoa! Bubba is so... human-like.
    this makes me wanna meet him even more.
    hehe. does he mind meeting strangers?
    probably he is hyperactive that time, or having period. lol



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