First Day of Raya xD

Peace be upon you amazing people!!

I'm just going to upload the pics from the first day of Aidilfitri, i'll make another post with actual writing in it later xD.

Oh yeah, it was also my parents' 18th anniversary, so cute!!=')

Dont feel like posting many pics xD

Me and and cousins + second cousins!!(in pink tudung)

This kid likes my Domo xD


  1. i thought you baju raya was purple?
    then suddenly its white n pink?
    i think i remember suggesting tht~~
    All of you look so happy! =)
    Selamat hari raya! and Eid Mubarak!

  2. mal ,you comel tahu ta ?hehe :)

  3. Nawwh.. What a sweet family ='))

  4. affan: haha, i wanted to wear my awesome purple one at school xD.
    thanks, you too!!=D

    hana: awww, awak pun comel, u know?=D thanks, slmt hari raya =D

    adyle: ahaha, we're just hyper most of the time xD. YOUR family is so cute!!=D

  5. hee thank you but you're most cute hehe :)



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2017 Reading Challenge
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