Maulidur Rasul Celebration

This really was a beautiful day. I was happy to celebrate the birth of the most amazing man who ever lived. Happy that his birth was probably the best thing that ever happened. But at the same time, i was sad. Sad because i never got to meet him. Sad because he's not around anymore to make sure that ALL of us are heading in the right direction. I was also ashamed. Ashamed that i haven't done enough to make him and Allah proud of me. So the day was another reminder, but a huge one. A reminder for me to keep trying to be someone the Prophet(peace be upon him) loves. He has never met us but he misses us so dearly till he can't sleep at night. It was because we've never met him, but we believe he existed, we believe he is the Messenger of Allah SWT,  and we believe he is the most perfect man who ever lived. Subhanallah. Peace be upon him.
At the same time, i was quite excited. There were many activities carried out for the day. I entered a quiz and read out a poem in BM. It was fun! Oh, and i spent a lot of time with my Form 4 girls and some Form 3 girls. Took lots of pictures(we're ALL self obsessed, haha) and had some nice bonding time too. They're beautiful, every single one of them. The day made us unite. Islam unites people together, to inspire each other in the way of Allah. Alhamdulillah. I'll NEVER get tired of getting closer to Allah. Days like these, i will forever cherish.

Oh, and i made a wordpress account. Most of my pictures from events will be posted there from now on =) 
For pictures from today, click here.


  1. Salammm :)

    Regarding the last comment I dropped here (yr blog),
    I enjoy watching ppl debating and serious aku tk phm kenapa aku tk masuk debate masa sekolah dulu -_____-
    So, do yr best k? Papehal nnti kalau I found new videos, I'll give the url to you k? Share it with yr friends yg associate debating ni haa :) I just want my lil sisters to do the best, to get the best.. since I dnt have any biological sister hohoho redha je la :)

    Thnksss!! InsyaAllah when my dream becomes real, I'll let you know :)

  2. Wsslm, heheh that's okay, you can always learn to debate now!:D and i'm really impressed that you're very inspired and interested in debating, sister :) Yay!!thank you!! do send me more links :D and tell me if you try to debate too ;)
    may Allah always guide and bless us all :)



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