National Novice Debate

It was time for me to step out of my comfort zone. Iman wasn't around anymore, and as much as it hurt, i had to accept it. I teamed up with Fattah and Rizal for National Novice at UiTM Shah Alam, and even though things didn't exactly go as well as we planned it to, i still had an awesome time.
I had awesome teammates who never failed to back me up, and met lots of new and familiar faces. It was the fascinating debate atmosphere again. I missed this feeling. Debaters are just awesome. Oh, and i cried four times on Friday for four different reasons, LOL.
First was because i was mad at myself for not being good enough and bringing my team down. But my teammates motivated me and it made me feel better. Then during Fattah's reply speech for our last preliminary round, i realised that it was going to be the last time i debated with him. So i cried and smiled while memories of our debating years flashed through my mind. He's just the best, and it was time for him to grow up and live his future. Then at dinner, i accidentally choked on a chicken bone, and i seriously thought i was going to die or something. When i saw my best friend's worried face and Maryam telling me to calm down, tears just came out. Haha but don't worry, i'm fine now. After that, i saw my best friend with tears in their eyes, so that made me cry too. Then within seconds, we were laughing like nothing even happened. At the end of the day, i realized that i had the most bizarre night. But believing that everything happens for a good reason, i went to bed that night with no regrets. Alhamdulillah.

Thank you Fattah, for being an amazing teammate and an awesome friend. I feel very honoured to have been your teammate for more than 3 years. Thank you for believing in me and going through the good and bad times with me. I'm sorry if i've ever let you down. I'll pray your journey will get awesomer and awesomer, Semi-Champ =)

Thank you Rizal, for putting up with all my complaining and whining xD I know it must have been pretty pressuring and stressful to join the first team, but know that i'm very proud of the debater you've become. It took me 3 years to get to the level that i'm on today. But it only took you a year and you're already a great debater. And i'm quite proud that i forced you to join debate, because you've become a part of the debate family i'll never forget until the day i die. Thank you for always motivating us all and backing me up in debate ;)

Thank you Maryam, for always being positive and optimistic. Seriously, you're like a mini me, but better. With your determination and efforts, i know that you'll be a better debater than me one day. Thank you for always supporting me and being a wonderful friend. You're an awesome junior, and i know you'll have a bright future. Keep on debating, junior!=D

Thank you Syed and Hafiz, for being around and making the debate environment more lively. You guys are just awesome and hilarious and you're both wonderful debaters. Hafiz, keep being my boy-personality-twin and Syed, you owe me a packet of grape mentos =P You both are gonna have awesome futures, i can already imagine it ;D

Also thanks to the debate gang from Al-Amin Bangi & Gombak, it's awesome chillin' with you guys in between debates. Hope to meet you guys again at the next competition!=D

Vampire Domo =D

I love my team <3

LOL we're still kids ;D

She's awesome <3
P.s. i'll upload a video of our debate later =)


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