WHOA, it's February already?
A month went by so fast. January went by faster than any other month i've ever lived through. I guess it's mostly because of how busy i am at school these days. Being in 10th grade is pretty awesome. I feel important, heheh. Okay, so let's see what i'll be looking forward to this month. A traditional event in Sri Ayesha, SPORTS DAY!! It's so exciting this year, seeing as i'm in Red house!!To be honest, i was really shocked and a little disappointed when i first found out i'll no longer be in Blue house. But later on, as time went by, I started to be proud to be a Red. First, because Red is the colour of Liverpool and Gryffindor. Second, because the teachers and students in Red house are so supportive and spirited. I've been quite active in sports recently, which gave my body a sudden shock and i seem to need lots and lots of sleep these days. Last Monday and Tueday i represented my school in Badminton for the daerah thingy, and it was fun. Lost for both Singles and Doubles, but proud that i tried my best. Got into double set with Putri in doubles, but Allah decided that we needed to get back into school to focus on our studies,heheh. But it was awesome! Oh, i'm the girl captain for Red house! I've been Blue captain 4 times, so it's a little confusing sometimes. Another thing i'll be looking forward to is the UiTM National Novice debate. I'll be debating with a few awesome people(not gonna mention who, since other debaters stalk my blog, HEHEHEH), and so i'm looking forward to some intense debate trainings. We got into the Octo Finals last year, hopefully we can do better this year. I miss debate tournaments, can't wait! Haha i'm sorry for writing in one long paragraph, i can't be bothered to press the ENTER button, lol. All in all, i'm hoping for an amazing, active February and i know i WILL get an amazing, active February, insyaAllah. 

May Allah bless you all, Peace be upon you.
Yellow house :)

Awesome Reds!

Teacher Hasni, YAYY she's a Red.

The awesomest Reds ;D
By the way, i'm getting a little rusty in debating cause i haven't debated for a while xD
For some reason, watching my old debates kinda help me get back into shape.
Still, i suck xD But this is one of my best Prime Minister speeches, it was during the Quarter Finals, and we won!=D Still i sucked xD


  1. Macam mana can we have songs in our blog?

  2. i use SCM music player, just put Youtube urls in, then post the link on to your blog ;)

  3. how do use the SCM music player?



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