Me and my objective in life.

I am Kamalia. I am a normal human being. Like all of you, i was born with faith. Faith in Allah. No matter where we come from, no matter what religion we all live with, ALL of us were born with faith in our Creator. What changed the level of our faith is the environment around us. How we were raised up, which religion we grew up with, our exposures and how we choose to live our life to the fullest. I was born with Islam, i was raised with Islam and i choose to live my life with Islam. Alhamdulillah. I never truly realised how blessed i am to be born as a Muslim. To have Allah protecting me ever since i was born, is such an amazing thing. Chances were, i could've been born in a family of non-Muslims, and the challenge to find, accept and love Islam would be even harder. What if i was taught to hate this beautiful, peaceful religion? Astaghfirullah. Allah SWT is the most Merciful. I am weak and easily influenced. He knows that. So He gave me wonderful parents to raise me up well in the right direction, amazing teachers to charge up my faith in Him, and beautiful, kind friends to always correct my mistakes and get me back on to the right path. Not just that, He gave me so much more. Too many for my immature mind to even remember. I just can't count even a quarter of the blessings Allah has given me. I admit, sometimes i forget things. I forget that I live to please Him. I make mistakes, i commit sins. But when i sincerely ask for forgiveness, He forgives me. When i'm alone in my room with tears running down my face, thinking no one will truly understand me, HE is the one who listens and silently tells me "I'm here". And there, remembering Him, i can finally sleep soundlessly. What a blessing to even be able to sleep and rest. He is the most gracious. Every morning, he lets me wake up, giving me another chance to prove to Him that I DO deserve my place in Jannah. Heaven. The objective of living, of waking up every day. To enter Heaven. Back home, to where we all came from. Such a perfect place, too beautiful that i can't even remember nor imagine a single inch of it. All i know is that He has promised us all with Jannah, if we all follow him. Allah doesn't need us. He doesn't lose anything if we don't do as He says. But WE need Him. Without Him, there's just no hope of us ever returning home. I WANT to go home. So bad. I want to live in a place where i can finally truly feel free. Heaven is the one true place for that. Unfortunately, Syaitan has promised to make sure that i don't get that freedom. To make sure that WE don't get that freedom. Then Allah sends his messengers, to bring us all back to the right path. Muhammad SAW is His last Messenger. Today, i live my life hoping to follow everything The Prophet(peace be upon him) has taught us. Such a perfect man. Most loved by Allah SWT. The best example. A man who still prayed to Allah until his feet were bruised/swollen, even though Allah already promised him a place in Jannah.A man who remembered his ummah, who remembered us, moments away from death. A man i hope to meet, one day in Heaven. InsyaAllah.

See, i am a normal human being. On the outside, i may seem like i'm having a perfect life and i have everything i ever need to be happy. But really, I am still struggling to plant a strong faith inside of me,  i am still a weak slave of Allah SWT. If pleasing my Creator will send me back home, then that is what i will try and do until my final breath in this life. There are so many ways to do it. I'm not strong enough to do it all alone yet. I need support, i need encouragement. I need reminders, I need inspirations. Most of all, i need Allah SWT. I pray every day that He will always, always guide me in the right direction. But i don't want to be the only one who enters heaven. I want us all to enter Jannah together. So i pray that He will guide you all too. But my prayers alone aren't enough. We all need to put in effort to pass the test(life). InsyaAllah, Allah is the most Merciful. No matter how far in the wrong direction we've walked, we can turn back. Turn around, and follow the light. Don't wait any longer. Wait longer in a math test, and you lose time and chance to answer the questions and get lots of marks. Wait longer in life to repent, and you lose time and chances to gain rewards and ask for forgiveness from Allah.
Umar al-Khattab once said that if EVERYONE in the world was to enter Jannah, he would be the last person to enter it. We're talking about a man who's been guaranteed a place in Heaven here. MasyaAllah, such a humble man. If he was to enter Jannah last, i don't know if i'll ever even get close with the amount of my deeds. It's just not enough. There's no better time to multiply those deeds. The best time is now. We all have a choice, lets choose well. May Allah bless us all. 

Peace be upon you.

You knock, He opens. You attend, He welcomes. You ask, He gives. You sin, He tests, You repent, He forgives. You sin again. He forgives again. You cry, He listens. Everything you do, is about you; and everything He does, is about you. “So which of Allah’s favours will you deny?” [Quran Surah Al-Rahman 55:13]


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2017 Reading Challenge
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