Anyone can change. When i see some people who were following the wrong path actually opening up their hearts to try and change themselves to become a better person, i just feel like crying with tears of joy, especially when they're relating their change with Islam. It's beautiful, what Islam can do. It can make us feel safe and have hope to succeed not only in this life, but also in the Hereafter.  Something about Islam has triggered that realisation in them that life is temporary, and that if they don't change now, when will they? When will they ever get another chance, not knowing when their last days will be? The moment they realized they NEED Allah in their life and are actually having the thought of wanting to change for the better to please Him, then somehow, they'll feel at peace. At peace and excited to be good and better, to please their Creator, to live a happier and blessed life.

Of course it all doesn't happen in a night, not for all of us. For most, it's a slow process. Changing bit by bit. It's like climbing up a ladder with extreme focus and care. Eventually they'll reach the top, while being as strong as ever. Trying to change massively overnight is like rushing up the ladder, not being careful and eventually you can lose focus, forget or give up. The ladder can easily fall, with you along with it.

What i'm really trying to say is that small change, but if it's continuous is good. In fact, some people think that it's even better than sudden big change, because everything will come like BAMM. Everything will be new, challenging and unexpected. I'm afraid those who take sudden big steps might think it was a mistake to change, and that they're not strong enough to get through all the tough times. Only few will be able to survive through the big changes. Majority may struggle.
That's why small continuous changes are more effective for most. During the small changes, you get time to think, learn and get used to the challenges. Eventually it'll become easier to follow on with the changes, because the hardship won't bother you as much once you're used to it.
Allah HAS shown us the straight path. Follow it.

So to those who have this small or large intention in them to want to change for the better, i say GO FOR IT! :D Take your time, and keep moving forward. Never stay at the same place for long or move back. By just having the intention of wanting to become better is already a sign that you're in the right direction. Now it's up to you to take that first step. Don't care about what people will say, because if what you're doing pleases Allah, then nobody else should matter. And know that if people try to bring you down, you're already above them, and you should keep going even beyond the skies and make them regret judging you. I am one person supporting you, and i know silently that there are many, MANY others supporting you without you realising it too.
If you change for the better, i'll be so proud and happy for you. I know your parents, teachers, friends and family will be too. But that doesn't really matter, what matters more is that Allah and Rasulullah(pbuh) will be proud of you. Make sure you're changing for Allah. Once you do something sincerely because of Him, everything else will just follow. Have faith =)


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