My Mother

I wrote this for an essay writing competition for Mother's Day =)

My Mother

Only one human being in the whole universe would smile with happiness when I kicked them from inside their own body. Only one human being on this beautiful planet can truly make me feel at home, no matter where in the world I am. That human being is the strongest person I have ever met. She is my mother. She put up with my never-ending cries at night, my frequently annoying tantrums, my selfish complaining, my sometimes-rude-attitude, and everything else in my life. Honestly, she is the most patient woman on Earth. If I could be like anyone in the world, she would definitely be at the top of the list, after our Prophet(pbuh).
I see a lot of her characteristics in myself, but I know I will never get to measure up to the beautiful personality that she has. Whatever beauty I have within me, my mother’s beauty would easily multiply mine by hundreds, maybe even thousands. My mother is a teacher. She has a fascinating passion in teaching. Sometimes I wish I could transform into a young Standard 1 girl and enter her class, just to blend in and watch her teach. I’m sure I would never want the class to stop.
Now that I am a teenager, it’s quite hard to get my mum’s attention especially when I have two younger siblings. She assumes that I am a mature and independent girl now. I don’t think that that is true, but even if it was, sometimes even the most mature of people wish they could reverse back to the days when they would get endless warm cuddles and kisses from their mother. Truly, I miss being in her warm arms that never fails to offer comfort and love. You know when people talk about “motherly instincts”? Well they’re absolutely correct. My mother has strong motherly instincts. I can’t even tell a small, half-true lie without getting caught. That was when I was young. Now I have gotten used to telling the truth, because the guilt of telling a lie to someone who endlessly loves you is too painful for me to bear.
One thing I hope I will never ever see again is the look of disappointment on my mother’s beautiful face. Truly, it can activate your heart to drop and your tears to escape against your will, especially if you were the reason why. I know it’s normal to make mistakes, but I hope I will never see that look on her face again. Somehow, that inspires me to improve myself every day, so that I can become a daughter she will truly be proud of. It is the least I could do for her, after everything she has given to me. Seeing her smile makes me smile, and seeing her frown breaks my heart. With every challenge, she faces them with full courage and determination to succeed. She is very honest, kind, generous, patient, hilarious, inspiring, amazing, wonderful, fascinating, beautiful and loving. I can’t think of a word to describe how much I love my mother, and I know no word even exists to describe how much she loves me. She may not always show it, but deep inside I know she does. Nobody can ever replace her. She is a wonderful daughter, sister,wife, friend, teacher and more importantly, mother. Apart from all of that, I am sure she is also a wonderful servant of Allah, and I sincerely hope to see her in Heaven one day, insyaAllah.
They say that love at first sight is ‘true love’. Well it’s true, because my mother was the first person I laid my eyes on.” I love you, Ma.

Written with lots of love by Nurkamalia Aqilah, Form 4 Al-Farabi


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