Today was an amazing day. Went to check out the English Camp place with Putri, Teacher An Nur, Teacher Khadijah, Sir Abdul Rahman and Sir Firdaus. We're the programmers/facilitators this year. Had the time of our lives! I'm so excited for camp this year. The Amazing Race is gonna be AMAZING. I wish i could join, but that would be unfair, lol. My teachers are so chillin', outgoing and awesome. They're so optimistic and it motivates me to do the best for this year's camp.
Straight after English Camp, i'll be going to ASDC debate in Ipoh, Perak. ASDFGHJKL i CANNOT wait! Even though i don't have high hopes of breaking, but the fact that we're as ready as we've ever been in previous competitions makes me excited to find out how much we can achieve. Plus, i'll be going with Maryam, Hafiz, Rizal and Sir Rahman. They're awesome peeps. I wish my trainers Fakhry and Fattah were coming too though. It feels different, going to a competition without them. But i can't wait to call/text them at the end of the day, telling them the good things we did in debates. If we were great, then we have them to thank for. Sacrificing lots of their time for trainings and all. The best gift we can give to them is to do our best, with no regrets.
Plus i can't wait to meet new people. I wanna show Asia that Islamic schools can debate too, that we're not just a team. We're a team they should look out for ;)
Kay lah, i don't wanna sound overconfident or anything cause to be honest i'm scared as hell xD
But positivity keeps me going and motivated, so yeah.
Alhamdulillah, for all of these opportunities.
I'm a busy girl these days, but i guess that's a good thing?
Hope we'll do well, pray for us guys.
Peace be upon you.

Power Rangers, whooop!! 

My teachers are just epic.

Look who we found, lol.


  1. Kamalia, yg pakai baju warna hitam tu Zain Saidin kan? Omg, Handsome gila xD LOL

  2. do you notice that your face is just like hana tajima.seriously im not lying to you.you have a beautiful face.and i really love to watch your video pasal environtment.you are beautiful and i really mean it.


  4. Yay!! now, I feel more excited to go ENglish camp! Can't wait



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