This kid was so cute, i don't know what happened.
 Honestly, 16 years of my life hasn't really been enough to earn me a ticket to Jannah. Turning 16 made me realize that death is closer and closer every day, chasing me slowly from behind. The worst thing is, i can't look back to see how far away it is. It could be years, months, maybe even just days away. The best i can do is prepare myself, and make the best of the time that i have left. With so many signs of Judgement Day now, it's hard for me to put very high hopes for a long future anyway. Ah well, always praying for the best :)

I think i can compare my maturity between now and my 15-year-old self though. I see life a little differently now, it's more...meaningful. And complicated. Challenges here and there, without me even realising it sometimes. As you grow older, you'll realise how meaningful and special your childhood was. It's something I can never truly get back, but can just travel through the memories. Sometimes i just wanna fall into a dream of my childhood memories and just stay there for a while. I wouldn't wanna change anything, but just appreciate it more. Ah well. I guess there's not much point though, it's always better to focus more on what i have now. Things may seem hard, but Allah knows i'm capable of facing it all. 
Besides, i'm a big girl now :)

"Growing up is a choice, growing old isn't." (Thanks Meor for the reminder)

Thank you to EVERYONE who wished me Happy Birthday and/or gave me presents.
May Allah bless you all.

More people wished me, but these were the ones who were on time and were on Twitter ;)
Still, thanks for late wishes too, the thought counts :)

Thank you Raihan :)


  1. Happy Belated Birthday... ;)

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