new best friend.

Before it was Ramadhan, i have to admit it was extremely hard for me to consistently read the Quran every day. I only read one page, two at most. For some reason, now i can read around 40 pages a day, with ease.
I discovered today that the more i read, the more i don't wanna stop turning the pages. Reading Quran became addictive, because i knew i could get so many rewards from even reading a single letter, and also i could see myself improving in my reading. I have better tajweed than before, so that also motivated me to use what i have learnt. I can read more fluently now too. Alhamdulillah. I really, really hope i get to finished reciting the whole Quran this month. I've never done it before, so i'm very determined to make this the first time. I hope after Ramadhan, i'll still have this spirit, insyaAllah. I always feel calm after taking a break from reading. My heart feels free, and i feel much closer to Allah.

All you have to do is keep reading, and feel it ;)


  1. That is the best best friend we can ever get.
    Always take good care of it.
    Congratulationsnfor finally finding the best friend forever!

  2. Goodluck with that :)

    Be sure to keep the spirit until the next Ramadhan comes. I always wonder why we can do wonders in Ramadhan but it suddenly vanishes when Syawal comes. haha



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