My last IIUM IDC.

Something Rizal gave for motivation :') (THANK YOU!)

This would be my first time EVER leading my own team, and my fourth and last time debating at IIUM IDC. Oh yeah, first time ever debating as 3rd speaker too. So many new things, including a new team. I was scared, nervous, a little sad yet excited for the competition. I was really afraid of failing in leading Maryam and Hafiz. Alhamdulillah, we all lead each other in the end. That's why we're the triplets, we complete each other :D But anyway, we won 4 preliminary rounds altogether, and broke 22nd! That was more than what i was asking for, Alhamdulillah. We versed KUSESS in the pre-octo round and surprisingly won, which made us qualify for the octo-finals against MBS. That was the end of our journey, and i have never been prouder of Hafiz and Maryam. They were the calm ones during prep and the ones who always assured me that things were gonna be okay. They weren't the only ones. So many people helped me through the near-breakdown of going to a competition without Fattah or Rizal leading. Even though i know i'm quite far from the great debater that they are, but somehow they made me believe in myself. It wasn't the best competition, but it was an amazing experience, no doubt.

Reuniting with the Musleh schools was awesome. It felt a little different though for some reason, compared to last year. There wasn't much free time to hang out and chill with them, but even the short moments were very memorable. There weren't enough chairs so we all sat on the floor in the hall like a boss, haha. Made new friends, got closer to old ones, met cute cats, bought an awesome t-shirt and badges, ate gummy bears, supported ADNI, and yeah, did quite a lot of things.
All in all, everything was perfect, nearly :)

Thank you to EVERYONE who motivated, inspired, helped and made me smile <3

Click on READ MORE for pictures :)

P.s. Should've taken more pictures with more people, that's the only regret i have ;)

Team Triplets :D

With the BM debaters :D

Hafiz from Sri Ayesha, Affan from Al-Amin Gombak, Iqbal from Maahad Hamidiah :)

The wonderful girls from Al-Amin Bangi, SMI Hidayah and SRI Ayesha <3

Al Amin Bangi, Al Amin Gombak, SRI Ayesha and ADNI girl debaters :D

With Adibaaah :D


Exercising before debate, LOL :D


Gummy bear!:D

What debaters do when they're bored..

I made a new friend.

That's me in the middle there :P

I picked this shirt :D

Epic debate badges

Memories with Adibah, Alyssa and Maryam. Made this from Adibah's new t-shirt haha :D


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