Dear friend, (i)

I don't really know why i'm writing this to you. I guess i just wanted to talk to someone, anyone who would listen without interrupting or judging me straightaway. It's a good thing that i don't know you, and you most probably don't know me too. So just see this as a random letter by a confused girl, okay? Oh and yes, i am a girl, i just have to make that clear.
So last night i slept late at 2am because i just finished reading a book. I'm not going to tell you the title of the book in case you're still quite young to read it because it has some mature content in it. But no, that's not why i read it. Minus those mature parts of the story, it was a really good one. It kinda changed my view on life a little. Yes, i was quite mind-blown  even though it was a simple story. There was not even a plot in it. It started off with a young teenage boy who's about to enter high school or something, but he was really nervous so he decided to write a letter to a random person. I kinda fell in love with the book because i can kind of relate myself in some ways. It's a lot about life in high school, and being someone who tries to do the right thing. It's very interesting, in ways i cannot explain.
I don't wanna describe the book so much, because i feel like if i tell you everything, then it won't really feel that special anymore. I don't know why, but i don't really like things that are too mainstream. It gets pretty annoying when everyone starts to like the same thing and everyone talks about it nonstop and stuff, because it doesn't feel unique anymore. Oh, Harry Potter is an exception by the way, because it really is a fantastic, sensational story that everyone just HAS to love. I'm sorry i have to say this and please don't get offended if you don't like Harry Potter, but i personally think whoever doesn't even half-like Harry Potter is weird. I feel like saying "WHERE IS YOUR IMAGINATION" to them because honestly my childhood would be quite empty if i had not been introduced to Harry Potter by the best teacher in the world.

I guess the real reason why i'm suddenly into this whole letter-writing thing is because i'm very bored with my life, and i know i shouldn't be. I feel like it's a sin or something to think that way. Being bored with life, i mean. Because really there's so many things to do, the word 'bored' shouldn't even be in my vocabulary. Plus, it's as if i'm not thankful enough with everything God has given me. But really, i think i am, or i'm trying to be anyway. So i've decided to start writing out my thoughts, so that i would start seeing how in reality, however interesting my life is always depends on me, and myself only. I just have to get the words out in order to see it all clearly.
It's quite frustrating when everything is all jumbled up in my head and i start to get depressed over nothing, especially after thinking too much about something. I always hear that if you think too much, you start to think about negative things and that's when you just feel awful about everything. I'm trying to avoid that, because really being depressed it not fun, especially when you don't even know what you're really sad about.

So hopefully by writing things to you, i can learn and discover more about myself, as well as not really waste too much of my time doing pointless things. Wow, writing all that feels great already. And typing it all so fast makes me feel like i'm an author or something. Okay so you probably don't like long letters so i'll write some more later. Hope you are well, thank you for even bothering to read this. I'll be writing to you more frequently, i hope you won't mind.
i wanna change this.

Love always.


  1. Maybe Im in no position of suggesting you to do things to exterminate your boredom, as you are far better than I am at doing so. Lol.

    But yeah, we do find ourselves with nothing to do once in a while.

    Having saying that, I think, maybe having a good ol routine isn't a bad idea eh?
    Do you have a well thought of routine?



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