form fourness

See that girl up there, with the smiley badge and a beautiful smile showing perfect, straight teeth? She's one of my best friends. In case we look like we're 20 years old even in school uniform, no we are both sixteen years of age. Seeing as we both take science stream for Form 4, we spend a lot of time at school together. Physics and chemistry class always makes us sleepy, so we'd always try our best to keep each other awake by doing the randomest things you don't wanna know about. She's very smart, intelligent and always inspires me in many ways. A day at school without her around is just strange and quiet. She has patience the size of a mountain, especially for always being around an annoying person like me. That kind of makes sense though, since her middle name is Sabreena which means 'patience'. Just like me, she freaking loves to eat, so that automatically makes her awesome. She has the cutest way of thinking, she used to think strawberry and chocolate milk came from cows eating strawberries and chocolate. Adorable, i know. Well even though we're growing up into supposedly 'mature' Form 5's next year, we'll always keep that young, kiddish part inside of us. It's completely necessary for effective studying and learning at school, especially in Form 5 :)

All my other classmates also make me smile and have a nice chillin' day at school. As a whole we are just amazing no matter what people say :)
Form 4 Al-Farabi :)


  1. Im dead, gooooosh

  2. Missed those school days. Well, good thing you guys did good in those candid pics. I just got those styles when Im already in university. Well, at least, I did, aye? Hahaha



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