Goodbye for now

I love you guys

After 4 years of being in the debate club, i finally have to say goodbye.

I can't say i'm as good as i hoped i'd be after being in many tournaments and trainings though. I guess i haven't pushed myself as far as i can really go, but at the same time i'm proud that i've actually let myself be a part of something amazing. Sure, there were many ups and downs, but i guess that's life.
Thank you everyone who is a part of this fascinating part of my life.
I'll be back soon, in sha Allah. Goodbye debate. I'll think about you always lol.

Click on Read More for pictures of today's final debate friendly at Maahad Hamidiah  :)

Fakhry, Maryam and Madihah's cake :) Credits to Munierah <3 td="td">

Happy 20th Birthday this 31st Dec, Fakhry!:')


We just had to lol

Zulkifli sisters :)

Alqays lol

hahah Al-Amin Bangi guys

I'm gonna miss this kid so much :'( He's a magnificent teammate, junior and friend

Someone's missing..AFFAN WHERE ARE YOUU

Thank you everyone, have fun debating next year  without me xD Oh and Affan was around too but he left too early for a pic


  1. Awww what a day ive missed again...
    surely kamalia, after this ceasefire (ahaha mind that)you gonna shine again! brighter than any diamonds. all the best!



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