Found some old pictures of when we were in Australia :') 
Most of these pictures are from 2006

The only place in Canberra that snowed.

I miss it when he was short :)


The enthusiasm in a kid's eyes

With mama when she was 34

When she wasn't that camera shy :)

Abah's pretty much the same still xD

The days when he was obsessed with Spiderman and Star Wars

In our school uniforms :')

Her beanie is funny hahah but it's cute

I forgot where this was but i love the clear sky that was always around

Rhiannon, Kathryn, Claire, Kaitlyn, Emily, Mike. <3>

Miss Moloney and Miss Meier. Miss Meier was my teacher for 4 years, she's one of the most amazing and inspiring people i've ever met.


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2017 Reading Challenge
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