Time is running out.

The reason why it always feels like time passes by so fast is because it never stops. It never stops.
It doesn't wait for anybody. One of the greatest treasures that we humans always, always forget about is time. We realise how precious it is when suddenly it becomes limited, or when you're about to lose something precious and the only thing standing in between is time. You're scared because it never stops, it keeps going and the clock keeps ticking magnificently until it passes by and you lose it, and all you can do is look back at what happened, making it nothing more than a memory.

When we forget about how precious, limited and short our time really is, we overlook certain small details in our life, like random moments with certain people that could be the last you share with them. What if we've done something wrong towards other people, and we never got the chance to ask for their forgiveness because it was too late? If they don't end up forgiving us anyway, then it could still be something that prevents us from reaching Heaven. I know we've heard it a million times, but we always need to be reminded that if we have sins towards other people, then it's a sin that only they can forgive. 

The difference between us and the people in the movie "In Time" is that we can't see the clock of our life, we don't know when it'll tick its final seconds and we definitely can't buy any of it. Honestly, that's what makes life quite special and unpredictable, and why we constantly need to cherish every moment.

 It's December 2012, there are many stories and predictions that the world is going to end very soon. I don't believe in all that, but i also don't think that it's impossible that the end of the world is very near, and soon it'll be the Day of Judgment. It could even come before that. If we really did know when the world will end, what would we be doing right now? Well whatever your answer may be, just remember that it's coming, and our time left on Earth hasn't stopped yet. The clock is still ticking, and it's approaching the end. Do what you must, i hope it's the right thing in shaa Allah. May Allah bless us all :)


  1. The man who decides to change on the 12th hour dies on the 11th hour.

    Never wait till it is too late.



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