vacation on deck :)

I've always wanted to go on a cruise, especially since Suite Life on Deck is one of my favourite shows on Disney. Staying on a ship for a couple of days while it silently glides through the deep, mysterious ocean is somewhat very adventurous and exciting. I'm not sure why, but i didn't really bother to take very many pictures on this vacation. I guess remembering the memories by heart seemed enough.

On the first night, i decided to go for a walk around the ship all by myself at 1.00am. Since we were on a ship, it was impossible for me to really get lost, and even if i got kidnapped, i would be somewhere on the ship anyways. I went to the top deck and laid back on one of those long chairs you see next to swimming pools. There we not many people around at that time anymore, which felt absolutely amazing, as if i owned the ship, and that the beautiful stars above me were blinking and sparkling only for me. At first i could only see a few stars, the brightest ones. But as as i looked deeper into the magnificent night sky, more stars started to appear before my eyes, as if Allah was silently allowing them to appear themselves for me to see. SubhanAllah, i really can't describe the feeling i had at that moment.
It was the point of my life where i felt extremely relaxed, and that i didn't need to worry about anything at all. Everything will be fine and strong, just like the stars in the sky, twinkling brightly. It was the moment that i hoped would never, ever go away. 
But living in this life, of course the moment would past, and even though i did eventually get up and go back to my room to sleep, i knew it will always be a moment that will motivate me in the future when i face tough times. I will try to be strong and bright like those stars.
And i will be, in sha Allah.

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