Dear Ai'shah,

Dude i swear, i feel like we've been friends for ages and ages, because even though we've only known each other for 4 months, i feel like you just get me. Honestly, i think you already fit in perfectly with all of us during your first week at Sri Ayesha. It took me years, but it only took you a short while. You know why?
Cause you're incredible.
I have to admit, my first impression of you was absolutely off compared to who you really are. The only things that were correct was the fact that you're damn pretty and very smart :P
But here's what caught me off guard as i got to know you a little better. Wait, actually i still can't find the right words to describe you, because you're so full of wonderful things. Like imagine a transparent glass jar with a big warm hyper smiley drawn on it, filled with seven colours of the most amazing candy. Weird analogy i know, but i always see you as somebody positive, outgoing and fun. Those are understatements by the way, i'll let you know when i find the perfect descriptive words ;)
But anyway,i love the fact that you can easily get along with everyone(or most people anyways). You love to read books like meeeeeeeeeee which is just fhuefgaejhfaklehrakljehr amazing. Even though you don't think you do, but i still think you have an awesome accent okay. We both support Liverpool FC so omg You'll Never Walk Alone (y) You're freaking talented in art and i'm totally jealous of your gift because everything you draw or design is just magical.  You have great taste in music, a bit wilder than mine but i don't know, i just really love the combination of the person you are. From what i see, you're quite a humble person and it's just really interesting and impressive to see the  unique personality that you have. I honestly have never met ANYONE like you, and i don't think i ever will. You've created this amazing character that i'll forever be glad was a part of my story.
A'ishah, i really am going to miss you.
I do regret not spending more time with you while i still could have, because i didn't expect for you to be leaving us so soon. You do light up my days at school(and on Twitter) and my life is going to be a little gloomy when you're not around. I do hope you do well at your new school and unleash your potentials to do many great things. Alhamdulillah, i'm glad Allah let me meet you. If everyone in our lives were sent to us for a reason, for us to learn something, then i am positive He sent you into my life for the good ones. You've inspired me in many ways and for that, i'm thankful and i know i will never forget you :)
Dude don't you dare forget us too, okay? Otherwise yeah i think i might just track you down one day :P
I'll pick you up next year when i can drive insyaAllah, so make sure you stay in touch with us whenever you're home from boarding school tau. VISIT US WHEN YOU CAN OKAY.
I hope we've been good friends and that being at Sri Ayesha has helped you in some ways, at least in giving you some decent memories :)
Thank you for everything, for the awesome drawings i will always cherish, for your warm hug, for making me smile at school, for understanding me incredibly well(seriously how do you do that mann) and for always just  being you :').

Take care, and know we'll all be missing you. I'll miss your sarcasms and accent and all the random things you always do. I know this isn't really goodbye, but dude that's what it feels like, because something will always be missing at school, and it's you. I'll be here if you ever need me :) I love you A'ishah, may Allah bless you forever and always :)

 Lots of love,
Kamalia .

P.s. you know you're special if you end up on my blog :P
ishh you're even pretty in candids its not faaaair

The tahfiz group will be missing one member, noooo



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2017 Reading Challenge
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