Another heartbeat stopping, another soul returning to its Creator.

One day, a girl named Adibah Khairy tweeted me asking if we could be friends. I told her that of course we could. We started tweeting and DM-ing, even exchanging phone numbers. After that, we started to text for a short while. I had almost no idea who this girl was or how she knew me, but she told me she thought i was a great person, and she was really touched that i would be friends with her. She was really lovely, it made me really happy that Allah sent someone to me, someone who made me feel special and worth something. She told me she loved me, and that she felt that she had a responsibility to take care of me, making sure i was always okay.

I really appreciated that. I knew she was a wonderful person, based on her inspiring and religious tweets. She had quite a lot of followers at that time, and i was touched that she would share her heart to care and love someone like me, even though we had never met before.

 Two weeks later, i went to an SPM seminar. During break time, i was on my way to the toilet when a random girl who stood near the entrance suddenly said "Hi Kamalia" to me. It took me off guard, and i awkwardly said hi with a confused face, wondering if i was supposed to know who she was. Still very curious, i went into the bathroom trying to figure out who she was.

 When i came out, she introduced herself properly. Since she never posted a picture of her online before, i didn't actually know who she was. It was Adibah. It was pure coincidence that we met there, because neither of us had known the other was going to go. I went into the seminar room a little late that morning so i guess she recognized me at that time. It was fantastic finally meeting her, and it felt miraculous because it seemed like it was by chance. But of course, it wasn't by chance. Allah had planned it all.

Our friendship grew, but we weren't the type to constantly talk to each other every day. It was more of a "catching-up-once-in-a-while" type of friendship, where we would tweet or DM each other from time to time. She would share some of her latest blog posts with me sometimes. A lot of her posts are very inspiring, and i have to admit they have helped me improve myself as a Muslim.

It's only now that i notice that i should have done more. I should have tweeted her more, talked to her more, asked her how she was more. It's too late. Adibah passed away this morning.


I could not believe it when i found out she was gone. I wasn't that close to her, but our friendship was very special in a way. I never knew what her favourite colour was or how many siblings she had or where she lived or what her favourite books were. I hardly knew her at all, except that she was the same age as me and  that she was a wonderful person. Despite all that, i love her. After hearing the tragic news, i realise that i really love her. I hope she knew that.

I hope she has done enough in her life to carry with her to the next one. I hope Allah forgives her for all her sins and that everyone will pray for her. I hope she was in a good state when she went. I hope all her good deeds will be enough to make it to Jannah. Knowing how amazing of a person she is, i think she will make it. I hope she makes it there, i really do, because that's the only place we can meet now.

Praise be to Allah for a beautiful soul. Let her rest now, after an exhausting journey. Bless her for her efforts and deeds, and place her in a beautiful home in Jannah. May we meet her there, soon.

Goodbye, Adibah. I love you, for Allah.


I find it beautiful. I find it spectacular that one person in your life can mean a lot, even if they were only around for a short while. She was a character in my life's story, and she played her role amazingly. I would never have known how she would be significant in my life, but she was. I barely knew her, but it didn't matter. When you love someone for the sake of Allah, it doesn't matter how much you know about them or how long you've known each other. The feeling is wonderful. I think that was her role in my life, to show me that. And also, to show me that every single person i know is important, that each one makes a difference whether i realise it or not. SubhanAllah.

She just gets me

Her last tweet to me(not including DMs)
 You can check out her wonderful tweets on (check out her last tweet)
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  1. What's the cause of Adibah's death to be obvious?

  2. a car accident, according to an online news article



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