Midnight Thoughts #1

I was laying down in bed, with my alarm clock by my side. I'm the type of person who can only sleep comfortably with the lights off, so as i settled in to those late night thoughts before sleeping, i could hear my alarm clock ticking beside me. It was one of those cheap manual alarm clocks and i put it right next to my head to make sure i hear it to wake up.

It ticked so loudly that it was the only sound that entered my ears. It was the only thing i could hear, even louder than my breath or the beat of my heart. Each tick kept going by endlessly, it nearly drove me crazy imagining what if the next tick never came. It got me thinking. How many ticks do i have left in my life?

So i got out of bed, turned on the lights and grabbed a pen. I found a random unused notebook and started writing my thoughts out, because my hands were itching to mark down my thoughts because i felt like i was reaching an important conclusion or answer to unspoken questions.

I guess this is basically what i wrote;

Imagine a time bomb. What if it was attached right on to you, with exactly 24 hours on the timer? What if you could literally see the seconds ticking down, marking the time you'll have left in this world? What if we knew when we will have to go?

Would you act differently?
Would you still be lazying around?
Would you still talk bad about your friends behind their back?
Would you still take your ibadah lightly?

They're questions that only you can answer, because only you understand the things that you choose to do.

Everybody has their own invisible timer, but some don't realise it's there.That's the problem, isn't it? That we cannot physically see this timer. Actually, it's not really a problem. It's a test. It's almost exactly like an exam.
Try comparing it to a school exam, like history or something. Our life itself IS the exam. The instructions or questions in this exam are God's orders, the ones we grew up learning about and are taught the way to answer correctly. The answers for this exam are our actions; how we follow God's orders or what we do to deal with a problem. In a school exam, a correct answer would earn you a mark. In life, our answers will earn us rewards from Him.
At the end of our time, will we have enough marks to 'pass' the test?

This examination is the only path to enter the most extraordinary and the most magnificent place.It's absolutely outstanding that it's even unimaginable.

Like, you know. We take SPM so that we'll be able to get into college and things. Well, life itself is the biggest exam we could ever take, so the place that it leads to would also have to be the absolute best for those who have excelled in it.
We need to reach a certain mark, a certain percentage to get there. Just like during a school exam, we don't know if our answers for the test are correct or not, just like we don't know how much rewards or sins we have now. The exam is a once in a lifetime chance, and it is an exam with an unknown amount of time for us to answer.
So start answering, and answer them as much as you can and as best as you can. Start living, and start making ourselves qualify to enter Paradise. There is an invisible time bomb attached to us, and we don't know exactly how many seconds or how many ticks there are left. Every time you hear a clock ticking, remember that your clock is ticking down too.

Written in August(I think. i didn't think of writing the date at that time)


  1. Omgee I loved this! Thanks for the beautiful reminder Kamalia. This is really inspiring and I love the idea of our "invisible time bomb." : )



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