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I think it was in June this year that i had decided to avoid Twitter for a few weeks, so that i could focus more on my studies for SPM and escape the pointless social networking pressure.

I realised that not being able to tweet or blog made me really depressed. I needed to express myself really badly somehow. That was when i decided to write down my thoughts and worries. To be honest, it made me feel relieved. Throughout the rest of the year until SPM, i would write down my thoughts in this one notebook. I guess you could say i was keeping an SPM Diary.

Most of the time when my hands would itch to write down my thoughts were when i was studying during the middle of the night. I was afraid to fall asleep, so i would write whatever i felt and thought of at that time. There were many times when i would come across an inspiring quote or when my teachers would say something motivating. I would write it down somewhere or remember it so that i could write it down in the notebook later.

Whenever i got depressed, i would read through what i have read. A lot of it were positive things, mostly me reminding myself of my goals and encouraging myself to not give up and to stay strong. It turns out that when you're talking to yourself through your past writing, you become more convinced with yourself because the message is from you.

Today, i've decided to share that little piece of me.
I'm not sure if it would help others, but it did help me.

I'm probably not going to share everything though, because some of the thoughts are pointless and some are probably personal.

I'll be writing these posts of my thoughts using the title Midnight Thoughts, and i'll probably post one topic per day. I do apologize if it bores you to death, but i guess that is the mind of Kamalia; boring. Ah well, (try to) enjoy :)

Kamalia Hasni


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