finally over

I feel a little lost. I feel lost, insecure and vulnerable now that it is over. Even so, i would not go through it again. All the moments of frustration and the sudden breakdowns were enough for me. The late-night studying and worries for SPM were enough. I'm not an angel, nor am i an incredibly intelligent student who is guaranteed to get top results. I am the type who needs to suffer, who needs to go through the pain to get the results i want. Even after all that, i'm still not confident that i'll be able to get the best results. But it's okay. I did all i can and i don't want to waste my life regretting what more i could have done or the hours of sleep i could have sacrificed. Going through this war needed great strategies and i can't say i used the best ones but the war is over now and all i can do now is leave it all to Allah to decide my fate and to keep praying.

SPM is over.

My life can finally begin.


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2017 Reading Challenge
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