Chapter 4: The Reminiscence

I was not going to see the specialist until the next morning, so my mum laid down on the hospital bed with me that night and updated me with some things from the last five years of my life.

A lot of what she said really surprised me, such as the fact that i had a few boyfriends in my early teen life. It was a little awkward and i have to admit that i got a little nervous when she talked about that part of my teenagehood, mostly because my mum and I never talk about boys. I asked her why she had let me be involved in relationships, but she just let out a sarcastic chuckle and said that she hadn't. Wow, i guess i eventually grew out of my "Little-Miss-Goody-Two-Shoes" phase.

It felt oddly exciting to hear stories about myself in my teenage years. I was going to ask Ma more about Kamalia's Love Life but a sudden slight aching feeling started to form at the pit of my stomach. I was too astonished and curious about my current life that i had nearly forgotten about my life in Australia.

It truly felt like i had just said goodbye to all my friends yesterday. I remember the last moments very clearly; i gave all my classmates a last hug. I remember the girls crying and laughing and crying again, and i remember the surprise farewell party my classmates had planned out for me a few days before my final day at school.

I remember walking by my P.E. teacher, Mr. Bond at the school hallway on the saddest day of my twelve-year-old life.
 "Kamalia, is this your last day?", he had asked. "Yep, my final hour yes," i had replied, checking my watch.
"Oh, well good luck!" he had said, while reaching his hand out to shake mine. I shook his gigantic hand firmly, gave a final smile and thanked him for everything he had done for me. He was a nice and funny teacher, i remember i was going to miss him.

Hearing the school bell ring to indicate the end of another school day was probably the worst sound i could ever have wanted to hear during my four years in Australia. I hadn't planned on it, but i hugged every single one of my classmates, because i was too afraid we would all move on with our lives and forget each other when we get older.
 I distinctively remember hugging one of my best friends, Sammy twice, and i remember before letting go of him that i had clutched him slightly tighter for a second before releasing him. Little did i know that that was the last connection i had with the boy who was my best friend.

Ma told me when i asked about Sammy that we never contacted each other again after i left, not even once.

I asked her if i was in contact with anyone, anyone at all from my childhood in Australia. She told me i still emailed Rhiannon and sometimes Matt, and that sometimes i 'tweet' some others. And what was worse, i had lost contact with Miss Meier as well. I think i felt my heart sink to my tummy and a lump catch at my throat. Tears started to form again, even though i tried telling my brain that i was too tired to cry once again. I was too crestfallen to bother asking what the heck 'tweet-ing' was, so i sunk back and pretended to sleep.

 I know my mum was not fooled, since my body betrayed me and i started to hiccup uncontrollably. She tried to comfort me by telling me that the same thing had happened to her as well, that it was normal to lose contact with your childhood friends.

I felt worse because i don't think she understood me well enough to know that right now, my childhood friends are my only friends in the world. Whoever i had grown to know in the past five years currently do not exist in my memories. I don't know them, and i was not sure that i really wanted to replace my childhood friends. My friends in my current life are all strangers to me. Why could she not understand how upset and lonely i felt, because now my childhood friends and I are also strangers to one another, that most of them probably don't even remember me?

It seemed horrible that one would have to lose everything they loved very much all in a day, or what seemed like it.

It was all a little too much for me, so i told Ma i wanted some time to myself. I spent the rest of the night crying quietly, replaying fresh memories in my mind, then sobbing, then falling asleep for a few minutes and doing the same thing over and over again until even my body could not take it anymore and eventually my breathing was even and my mind was at peace, and i had fallen into a dreamless, deep sleep.

To Be Continued.. :)

P.s. Please read my earlier chapters if this is your first time reading this story. Don't worry, they're all really short :)


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