Midnight Thoughts #3

another photo im proud of capturing . im really into this kind of photography idk why.

Sometimes you're just dead confident and sure that when you are talking to Him, He is listening. Of course He always is, but sometimes when you're all alone by yourself, feeling very vulnerable and weak and at your lowest point and you're literally talking to Him, you just know. You truly believe it.

The beautiful thing about this is the fact that you feel complete, protected and secure. It gives you this outstanding closure that no matter what happens, it won't really matter because you have Him, The Protector right there with you. He is the One who is closest to you; which was also mentioned in the Book of Guidance that "He is closer to you than your jugular vein".

It is the moments that you remember Him that are the best in your life. Literally, it is the best because nothing, absolutely nothing else exists to be as Gracious and as Loving and all the greatest descriptions that do and don't exist that describes Him that can be better than your only Creator. Nothing can make you feel the same way.
And really, that is the beauty of the bond, the connection, the relationship between Man and its Creator. How merciful is He, to still approach us who have sinned and disobeyed Him? He who needs absolutely nothing from us, giving us endless blessings and opportunities? There is no other that is as pure and selfless as Him.

And in those moments, you get to feel the sweetness of beauty of having faith. And really, it is the most beautiful feeling in the world and you pray and pray and pray that He never lets you forget that feeling or allow you to stray off that path again. You hope to walk on that road forever because truly,  it felt like it was the right one for us to reach our destination with.

We are humans, and we constantly forget.
But O Allah, please don't let me forget this, for that is my greatest fear. LaaIlaahaIllallah.

Written in August 2013.


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