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i'm in love with my room, i've decided that this is where my home on Earth is

I've never been committed to anything as loyally as i have committed to this blog of mine. I started blogging at the end of 2009, which was when i was 13. I'm 18 this year, and i'm still blogging. I don't think i've left my blog without any new posts for more than a month, except for October 2013 for some strange reason(even i was surprised to not see an October for my archive last year...it's probably because of SPM). I guess my blog is pretty much my public diary, one i don't mind sharing with others because honestly keeping everything in this stubborn mind of mine is quite exhausting.

I realised as time passed by that i've grown fond of writing, and i started to become more passionate about it. One thing i've learnt from blogging is that it doesn't only help others(if it helps them at all) but it especially helps myself. Sometimes when i'm feeling down, i'd look back at old posts just to remind myself of wonderful moments i've experienced in the past, and i become hopeful to relive those memories again or even better, to create better ones.

Oh and i also get to remind myself of the days when i was a better person, so that's probably why sometimes i put up stuff that are a little religious. Some people may think it's a little hypocritical for me to sometimes say things but i myself don't do it(anymore), but i guess the fact that knowing sometime in the future i might go bad and stuff and having something to pull myself back makes me feel less worried for myself. I do believe that i am one of the only people who can fix Kamalia, so i guess this is an excellent way of doing it.

Have you guys been reading the fiction i've been posting? Well just in case i do get retrograde amnesia in the future, perhaps this blog will help me remember who i was. And yes i just sneakily told you a sneak peek of the next chapters but i guess it's not called being sneaky if i just told you what i was doing. Sorry, i like to be like this when i write. I guess you can sort of figure out what's it like in my head through my writing. Is it much different from me in real life? Hmm, perhaps.

Sometimes i forget certain details about some things i've done and i could sometimes find the answers through my posts. Blogging was an obsession at one point of my life once, but now it's more of a hobby. What i find pretty awesome too is that i've gotten to know a few people through my blog. It really astonishes me that i have any readers at all, actually. Even though i don't have a large number of followers or readers but just knowing that some people out there read what i write(even if it's crappy) just makes me happy and somehow stitches up a little of the missing piece of myself that was torn away.

So to my few old and loyal readers, thank you for sticking around.
To those who are new, hello and welcome to my quite-ordinary life.

This looks like my blog, but really it's actually a part of me i decided to share with whoever decides to drop by. I hope it'll benefit you in some ways, otherwise i deeply apologize for wasting your time.

When i die, i hope the people who knew me will come here, even though i know i probably won't know it if they do anyway. I guess it's one of those pointless hopes of wanting to be remembered even after you die. Ah well, i'm only human.

P.s. In case you're wondering why my blog link is extremely childish, i'd like to remind you that i was 13 when i made it and i never changed it and i guess i don't want to. It was who i was and i like it that way. It's not because i still spell cool as 'kewl'. Heheh.


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