Oh, hello 2014

im really happy of this shot i took, idk why

Almost didn't see you there, you came by so fast i nearly didn't notice 2013 was far behind already.

It occured to me that i haven't blogged yet this year. I guess it's been a little hard to find the time to willingly write a post since i started to work. Alhamdulillah, i've started to work at my old school, and i'm having the time of my life! The pay isn't so bad and although it may not be as high as other jobs, i believe it doesn't matter. Being happy and enjoying my job pays more than money ever could.

I work at the office and every day for an hour i have to become an Ustazah and teach an Iqra class. I swear, the moment when the class ends where the kids salam you, that's a moment worth living for. The moment a kid comes and says hi to you, or someone smiles or laughs at something silly that you say or do, that's a wonderful moment.

It's quite astonishing to discover the joy of teaching. No wonder a lot of people choose to be teachers, even though they probably could have become engineers or accountants and stuff. I've also started to train newbie debaters, and although i don't really think i know what i'm doing, seeing the excitement on some of the students' faces gives me encouragement and motivation to at least try. Some of them were forced to join the debate club, so i'm hoping i will be able to eventually let them realise that it was not a mistake.

Oh, i've been reading more as well. My goal for this year is to read 25 books, and i've already finished one so far. I guess i can reach my goal if i read 2 books a month. I bought a lot of books from the Big Bad Wolf Booksale and also from MPH so i'm really excited to go through the adventures.

Alhamdulillah, a pretty charming start of a new year. Also, Liverpool won 5-3 this morning, and that's always something to make my day heheh.

How is your 2014 so far? :)


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2017 Reading Challenge
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