review: love and other foreign words

4.2 stars for this one!:D

It was a little hard to really get into the book at first, but perhaps that was because i recently finished a heavy read and this was super light and felt middle-grade-ish at first that my brain wasn't really in the mood for. I also felt disconnected to most of the characters at first, and it was hard to keep up with all of Josie's friends' names.

Josie is definitely a very unique character. I love how she tries to speak everyone else's social language but admits she's most comfortable with her own. I do find several things about her that i could relate to, which made me start to get into the book more. I love that she doesn't force her feelings and is honest and straightforward.

The romance in this book was very unpredictable, even though in the end it did get a little cliché. But i really liked it! Super cute. The sisterly bond between Josie and Kate was frustratingly good. The last third of the book was very enjoyable partly because of this. Josie was so angry at Kate which made ME sooooo angry at Kate too. I could feel Josie's hurt.

What i enjoyed the most about this book was the whole concept of languages. I learnt that there was such thing called Sociolinguistics which sounds SO FASCINATING and loved the discussion about "what is the nature of love?" and the general social languages spoken in high school. There was this one page in the book, based on Josie's assignment, that i wanna rip out and paste on my wall. I loved how she defined love(and hate).

All in all, i enjoyed most of the book and would recommend it to any contemporary lover. Its very appropriate for younger readers too.


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