review: the winner's curse

4.5 stars! Really enjoyed this! Ive always loved reading high fantasy books but have never been a huge fan of the more magical elements in most of the stories. That's why The Winner's Curse is totally up my alley! This book has romance and politics and war and twists and just gahh i loved it!

The story starts off on an interesting note, but was actually quite slow for about a third through(hence the lower rating). Once i reached that mark though, i spent the rest of the day reading and ended up finishing it. I like that at times it was predictable and then BAM you just didn't see that part coming. The whole historical conflict between the two classes(?) of people in the society was definitely interesting.

The characters are so great! I surprisingly love Kestrel a lot. She's a bit different to the usual female MC i read nowadays, and its mostly because of how she thinks very strategically. I absolutely love the dilemma she had to go through in the book, dealing with loyalty and love and sacrifice.

Arin is also a fantastic character. I admit that he was quite frustrating for a while when he was more mysterious and we didn't really know who he was. But as his character developed, so did my feelings for him <3 nbsp="" p="">
I quite enjoyed Marie Rutkoski's style of writing. It was nothing too unique but flowed very nicely, which i was quite impressed with because she wrote in a third person perspective. I liked the world she built, but it didnt really feel that massive in this book. I hope we'll get more description about the kingdom and empire and all.

This book kinda reminded me of Daughter of Smoke and Bone a little bit? Just a little.


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