End of a Decade, Start of an Awesome Year xD

Happy New Year everyone! I guess that was it. End of 2010. A decade!
Now we're into 2011, and hopefully things will only get better.

I spent my last moments of 2010 with some awesome people!(The Internet counts, ok?)
  • Tweeted with @NisaTHfan, @MashesZ, @SprouseRoxMySox, 
  • Skyped with MashesZ
  • Being random with my bro and sis.
  • Last minute TUMBLRing for 2010!
  • Stuff
At 12.00am on the first day of January 2011, I went crazy on Twitter.
Five minutes later, after wishing people Happy New Year, things pretty much went back to normal. Haha.
It was kinda like this:

So, this is basically what New Year's is like (LOGAN LERMAN edition)
Dec. 31st 11:59PM:
New Years, Midnight:
Realize nothing even changed:

LOL. Its true. Now i have 2 days of freedom before school starts.
For some reason, the "nervous" feeling of the first day of school isn't around anymore. I just feel *meh, school* about it. I guess i'm not really looking forward to going back to school.
Okay, so my New Year's Resolution:

  1. Tweet less
  2. Tumblr less
  3. Study more
  4. Less TV
  5.  A's PMR!(Nope, not planning to take Arabic)
  6. I'll think about the rest later.
So yeahh.Byee. Have a great 2011. Let the adventure begin!


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