Dare To Speak

Today, Syed and I represented SRI Ayesha for the "Dare To Speak" public speaking competition at SDAR! Haha, i didn't think i'd be back there so soon! I was pretty surprised that some of their students recognized me from their debate competition a few weeks ago. I didn't know i was THAT amazing. LOL perasan giler. JK btw.
But anyways, Teacher Suhaila told us about it last FRIDAY. Which means that we were given 4 days to prepare, while everyone else probably had weeks. And to be honest, we spent the first 2 days of it just chilling with our family and stuff. LOL, last-minute workers and procrastination, what can you say, huh?Haha.

In the end, I was the 'champion' for the Junior High category. I know I don't seem excited at all when I wrote that. It's because I don't really feel like I won anything, because I think my speeches sucked real bad. I was speaking like a DEBATER, not a speaker! That's BAD. Meh. Alhamdulillah, i'm still very thankful =)

Syed won first runner-up for the Senior High category! Congratulations, buddy =) *dramatic voice* I had faith in youuuuu! Haha. Really though, i'm proud =')

Its really nice having people asking "Hey, which school are you from?" And when we say "Ohh, we're from SRI Ayesha! =D", they're like "Ohhh wow. Where's your school?". I used to get paranoid that people didn't know where our school was, but now i just chill and proudly say " Its in Bangi =)".

NOW people know our school even better, yay! Next time, they will remember and will never forget =)
And its amazing when they say "Congratulations, you guys were great =D".
I know Syed was great, and i was just average, but it really is nice to have people complementing you at an individual competition =)

Thank you to Teacher Suhaila, Puan Azizah, my family and my friends for all of your support =)

P.s. Teacher Suhaila is an amazing English teacher. People there were just jealous that their English teacher isn't awesome and outgoing like you, Teacher =)
WHY DOES SHE LOOK PRETTY IN THIS = = Haha kidding, i know i have a gorgeous teacher ;)

Judges and contestants =D See if you can find me and Syed!=D

I think people knew our names at the end of the day =) INCLUDING Teacher Suhaila's xD

The boys from SDAR! Haha, they're pretty awesome, thanks guys for cheering for me during my speech, even though i know my teacher forced you guys xD. Oooooh oooh!! I remember some of your names! Syafiq, Hafiz and Zubair, rite? Haha, all familiar names xD. Oh yeah, the guy next to me, Zubair got the first runner up in my category, congrats!=D

My trophy is SLIGHTLY bigger than Syed's xD

My prepared topic was about Football. Syed's was about Animals.
For my impromptu, I was given the topic " If I could have an extra body part, I would have a _____ because _____". I answered MOUTH because I LOVE FOOD. Sorry for the shaky video, Teacher Suhaila was being a cheerleader =)

Syed's was "The world would be a better place without ___". He talked about hate, prejudice, impatience and selfishness.


  1. Omg. :D I was stunned by your speech. You go girl!!

  2. Awwwww, thank you sweetie ;) btw, i wish i could comment on your blog!!but i'm not really sure how, i really really tried =S but hey! i just wanna say, don't feel down tht u see me 'spirited'(i'm not really actually, haha) or good at talking, u should take it positively, meaning if I can do it, then YOU can too =) trust me, once upon a time i was a shy little girl who didn't know how to talk in public xD. Then the mirror became my best friend and i started to have more confidence to talk to other people =)
    and from reading ur blog, i can see tht u have a fun way of expressing urself, that's awesome!

  3. Hahaha. Well, I tried. Btw, I really love your blog. Its really.. erm.. menusuk jiwa :) Yeah, my bloggie takde tempat nak comment-,-



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