Just feel like talkin'.

If you've read my post about Beauty, then you probably don't need to watch the first 5 minutes of this video, its basically me repeating everything all over again except you can hear my emotions =)

Oh, i dedicate this post to my special-er friends; Putri, Iman, Nabiha, Fareeha, Nani, Tasnim, Raihan, Kak Najihah, Amanina, Intan, Teacher Hasni, Amal, Wani and Mash. I put pictures of you guys in it, cause you are all beautiful the way you are!=D

If i didn't put pictures of you, it's because i was struggling to find pictures of you guys that i own. So of course you are all special too!
I also dedicate this to Deejah(i couldn't get a pic of her), the beautiful Form 2 girls from Balqis, Form 1 from Khadijah, Form 4 girls, from Al-Razi, Year 5 girls, my female teachers and everyone i would call a friend =)

If you're kind enough to make me smile, then you are all beautiful =)



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if a house is made from a thousand bricks, then let me be one of those bricks, to help keep the house together, to make a significant difference.

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2017 Reading Challenge

2017 Reading Challenge
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