Written by Raihan, taken by me ;)
Today was my last official day as a Year 9 (Form 3) student at school. I'm graduating from this grade tomorrow. Tomorrow, they're going to announce my name as one of the graduating students. My class will be performing our last show of the year. The legends of 1996 will shine tomorrow, and we will be remembered. All the criticisms, all the complaining, underestimations and judgments have made us all a better, stronger and wiser person. We got used to it. We accepted that people just can't handle our epicness. We're too awesome for them to handle, that's why they keep trying to bring us down.
But tomorrow, we will show that we will never back down. And every time they knock us down, we will always get back up. Always. And we will make them regret ever looking down upon us. We will make them proud.

I didn't really realize it when i was at school, but now i realize that i'm growing up. I swear it was only yesterday that i first stepped into Sri Ayesha. When i first met my classmates, the people who mean so much to me now. We hated each other back then. I know everyone hated me. But now, even if they still do, i can't help but smile back at everything we've been through. I love my classmates. Every single one of them. Not many people really understand us. And when people do, we rise up and salute them. Maybe i should credit my science teacher  for being one. This is my blog, so i believe i have the right to say that she, out of most people, understand that we're actually great kids. We're teenagers, expected to act like adults but we're bring treated like children. My science teacher understands that perfectly well, and treats us the way we should be treated, God bless her ='). Some others like my class teacher has been very patient with us too, which i'm very thankful about because i know how annoying we can get,lol. Next year we may not all be together. That saddens me, but it's a wake-up call that life goes on. People come, some people go, some stay. I'm not sure which one i am yet.

Soon i'll get my PMR results, and i'm not really looking forward to being called a Form 4 student next year. IT FEELS WEIRD! It feels like the REAL first step to determining your future. Ugh. Frightening. So tomorrow, i shall enjoy the last few hours of a Form 3 student as much as I can.

To all Form 3's, the legends of 1996,

Long Live all the magic we made, we will be remembered. I love you all.

I think this is one heck of a beautiful picture.
BTW, check out Fareeha's recent cover here, Someone Like You by Adele. One of her best, i think ;)


  1. awak, that picture yang "remember love, remember you & me" tuh, siapa tulis? awak amik eh gambar tuh? Memang ada dekat whiteboard an? IF yes, I WROTE IT :D Muahehehehehehe xD

  2. haha yep, it was on the board, so kite xde keje and took it sebab lawa xD. really???laaaa, x cakap! i'll credit u for it ;)



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