Dear world, i'm sorry.

Dear world,
i'm sorry.
if you hate me so much, feel free to throw me out of your life.
i don't want you to get the sins for your hatred towards me.
i'm sorry i wasn't good enough to be there for you all the time.
know that i've tried my best. if my best isn't acceptable, then i don't deserve being in your world.
but don't you dare say even once that i never tried. i did, and i'm tired now.
i'm tired of being accused of not caring. i'm tired of you assuming nonsense before i even had the chance to explain. oh, but that's right. i'm not good enough.
that's okay. i'm sorry i wasted your time. i'm sorry you ever met me. i'm sorry i wasn't born to please you.
i'm sorry i let you down. promising i never will again is like saying the world will never end.
so just don't put your hopes on me ever again. i'm sorry for breaking promises.
i don't mind if you never realize how much i've done for you. it's okay. i'm used to it.
just promise me one thing. once you throw me out, don't come and find me again.
i've learnt to accept my flaws as a human being, so i started to get up and walk away.
i don't want to hurt you again like i did before. you deserve better.
i'll always pray that He gives you the best that you do deserve.
please forgive me. i guarantee that when you sincerely do, then you forget about me, your life will get better, at least slightly.
so please, forgive me.
peace be upon you.



Dear world,
if you love me, then don't. i don't deserve being loved by you.
i'm terrified of hurting you, because i know i'm not good enough.
i'm terrified of letting you down, because of my unfortunate flaws.
but if you're willing to risk the chance of getting hurt, i promise i will try my very best to make sure i do deserve living in your magnificent world. just know that i am an imperfect human being and have every chance of making a mistake. i hope you're willing to forgive me.i admit, i am stubborn most of the time. but that doesn't meant that i can't do fascinating and amazing things to make the world a better place.
that doesn't mean that once in a while, i can't make you smile like the happiest person on Earth.
i'm okay if you don't trust me. really, i am. because i wouldn't trust myself either. but if you do trust me, then the most i can do is TRY to not let you down. please know that i would never want to.
the imperfect side of me took over. i hope you're willing to accept that.
if you tell me you love me, or that you believe in me, it'll make me smile.
and may He bless you for making someone happy.
i love you =)
peace be upon you.


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