New home =)

I already moved into my new house =D
I feel like i don't deserve to live in this place. It's huge and very comfortable.
So i'm very thankful Allah let me have such a comfortable place i can call home.
My room's twice bigger, Alhamdulillah =') YAYYY i can dance freely in here now!Haha jk.
My wardrobe's HUGE, which gives me the perfect chance to go shopping!
And tomorrow i'm going to BANDUNG, Indonesia!! Shopping heaven =')
Also there's the MRSM test in the morning. Not really sure if i wanna go anymore, because of

Looks like Udin, my new cat is in love with the new house too, he's acting like a prince in a castle xD


  1. If you had the chance, say my salam to Nuaim, he's at Bandung. His school is Nurul Fikri

  2. woww mal, your cat too cute laa. love it! mcm kucing cousin i :).

  3. i'm going to steal your cat very sooon.



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2017 Reading Challenge
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