Have you ever thought of running away? Leaving behind everything that you've built and created in your life? Leaving behind all of the people you've ever known? All the pain and frustration in your life?

It seems so tempting sometimes. To pack a few sets of clothes in a backpack, a whole bunch of cash in your pocket, a DSLR with no memory of past pictures, and change my number so no one can contact me. No laptop, too much of my current life is in it. Bring my iPod with no love songs. Just inspirational ones. A black hoodie.  Bring a pair of shades so that people wouldn't be able to see the pain in my eyes that i'm trying to heal.
Go somewhere where nobody knows your name and who you are. Somewhere where people can just accept you as somebody who's searching for some relief and joy in your life. Or go to a busy city like Tokyo where people wouldn't even care why you're there.
Or if you don't want to be around people, then somewhere quiet and peaceful.
Like the beach, during sunrise or sunset. Or go to a nice waterfall, i don't know.
Just somewhere you can escape, and just be yourself.

Okayyyy now. I'm not teaching you to run away. Although, it does sound tempting, especially after i described how nice it would be xD. But then, is it worth it? Would you really leave the life you have now, just because you find it too challenging and hard? Would you really want to start over? What makes you sure that your new life won't be worse than the one you have now? Could you really be independant, out in the world all by yourself?

Everything happens for a reason. You can't change the things that have already happened. And maybe that's a good thing, because if they didn't happen, you probably won't be where you are right now. Try and actually think about the good, positive things over the negative. There must be SOMETHING that you have, that you wouldn't leave behind. It could be someone special, your parents, your comfortable bed or whatever.

 God is fair. He throws you challenges that he KNOWS you can cope with. Its just a matter of you choosing whether you want to pass the challenge or not. All this frustration in life. You have to remember that you're not the only one facing it. 8 billion other people probably are too. Be one of the people strong enough to face it =) You think nobody cares about you? Sometimes its just hard for others to show it. But they do care, they really do. But you shouldn't run away to make them prove it. Running away doesn't solve your problem, it'll just keep chasing you down.

If you've ever thought of running away, be glad that you didn't. If you are thinking about it, then think carefully. Don't make a decision you'll regret. If you are already running away, don't torture those back at home anymore. They miss you, and want you to come back. You make a difference in their lives, no matter what they wanna say about it. 
The start of a new month.
Be strong.


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2017 Reading Challenge
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