Season's over

Haven't been updating xD.

Anyways, last week, Liverpool FC played their last match of the season against Aston Villa.
We didn't win, but i'm proud to say we've been doing extremely well since Kenny Dalglish took over as manager.

I started watching the English Premier League after i was obsessed with Fernando Torres, the Spain NT and the FIFA World Cup. Yep, i gotta admit, it all started with a super hot spanish football player xD.
Seeing as Torres was playing for Liverpool FC, i started to support the team with Putri(she was obsessed with Steven Gerrard during the World Cup).

Lol, i actually woke up early for the matches and stuff, it felt great when you know the players and teams and stuff, and the boys look at you with surprised faces xD. Idk, my brother was obsessed with football, so he made me obsessed too xD.

And i fell in love with Liverpool FC. The team, the players, the history, the loyal supporters. Everything.

They had a rough start, but the support from the fans was what kept them going.
When King Kenny arrived after Roy Hodgson got sacked, things got better.
The pain that the supporters had to go through was the lost of Torres. Many felt betrayed when he left Liverpool for their rival, Chelsea. I was really upset and disappointed too.


wish you all the best, kid. :D




Those were 100% my thoughts when I saw the picture.
Gotta be crying if your parents force you to wear a Chelsea jersey.

Already reblogged this pic, but have to do it again for these A+ comments.
This is child abuse. Give that poor kid a Liverpool kit! (Preferably a Stevie G one) 
See? Even his kids are crying coz they can't wear a Liverpool kit xD
But like all the other fans, i got over it. I still love him, but he made me love Liverpool more.
When i see the players score a goal, or even better win a match, the feeling of joy and happiness just spreads in my heart. And celebrating it with other fans is just WOW.
That's why i'm so fascinated with football.

Because we need each other,  We believe in one another,  And I know we’re going to uncover,  What’s sleepin’ in our soul.

And its fun discussing about it with everyone else at school xD.

I'm so proud to have stuck around for a whole season.
Now that its over, i'm kinda happy so that i can focus on my exams for a while.
But at the same time, i'm really sad because i'm not gonna have fascinating entertainment for a few months.
On the bright side, Liverpool's coming to Malaysia in July!!!

I WANNA GO!! I think its my only chance to see the same lads still play in Liverpool.
Hope i can go =) AND i hope to be wearing a jersey that says AGGER 5 on it xD.

I will forever love this quote;
You'll Never Walk Alone.

Its so beautiful =')


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