Living a dream..

Today, i walked around the resort all by myself.
Yeah, that might sound a little lame to you.
But to me, its one of the awesomest things i've ever done.

One of my dreams is to put on a pair of sunglasses, and walk around a place where no one knows me, and no one cares.

Today, i carried my purple backpack with my Sejarah book, iPod shuffle, laptop and phone and started walking around the resort all by myself. It was amazing, because i felt so free inside.

Not that i don't get enough freedom from my parents.
But it makes me feel like i'm grown up and independent enough to survive on my own.
Hahahahaha, the moment i saw the swimming pool, i realized i didn't bring my wallet. FAIL!!LOL.
But still, i went to the lobby and went online and stuff. 
I called someone for 20 mins, and realized that i had 15 minutes left to write a post and go back upstairs xD.

Even though this was just a small, tiny part of my dream, i'm very thankful that i got to feel a part of the freedom that i'm hoping to have in the future.
It felt like i didn't have to care about anything, not even my exams.
LOL, didn't even open my Sejarah book. Meh.

Hope to do this again.


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