Just chillin' xD

Lol, haven't gone out to the mall for a while. I FINALLY got the chance to go out with some friends today. We didn't go far, just to Alamanda. But that place has everything, so i don't mind at all xD.
Watched my first movie at the cinema for 2011, but too bad it was a lame movie.

Wanted to watch Thor, but time wasn't really on our side. So then we watched Penunggu Istana, coz Iman n my sis really wanted to see it. For some reason, they like horror movies, lol.
BUT IT WASN'T EVER SCARY! Second time i've been tricked by stupid documentaries. 
Last one was The Haunted Changi. Ughhh, got ripped off, mann.
At the end of the movie, EVERYONE was confused. It wasn't even a real ending, and there were no credits. So EVERYONE waited for 5 minutes before leaving, LOL.

Oh well. Had a mini photoshoot at the garden afterwards. I'll post self obsessed pics of myself later xD.
Thanks a lot to Narnia(Nani) for being a great photographer =)

Nani and her awesome sister xD

Being random at Toys R Us!!


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2017 Reading Challenge
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