Everyone wants to be beautiful.

Physically or on the Inside?
Or both?

What makes you really, truly beautiful?
Have you ever wondered, how you might appear to others? If you're the hottest chic in school, are you really beautiful in other people's eyes, if you've got the crappiest personality?
Or if you're not as physically good looking as other people, but you have a kind, loving heart, could you possibly appear as the most beautiful person in another's eyes?
No for the first question, definitely yes for the second one.

It doesn't matter if you're not that pretty. It doesn't matter if you don't have the biggest, prettiest and most sparkly eyes, or the fairest skin, or the pointiest nose, or the straightest teeth, or the cutest smile. Yes, those are the things that make you physically beautiful. Even though physical beauty is usually the first thing people judge you on when they see you, but why should that be something for them to remember you by? Society's idea of beauty sucks. Why should physical beauty(only) matter so much? It shouldn't.  At the end of the day, what really matters is your attitude, behaviour, kindness, generosity and other stuff because THAT will influence on how beautiful you appear to someone. 

Imagine if everyone was blind. How would everyone's beauty be judged then? Through their heart. Their inner strength, their inner beauty. The physical beauty is just a bonus. Because if you only have physical beauty but you treat people like crap(excuse my harsh language), then you will automatically appear as ugly or just normal to everyone's eyes. In the end, will everyone treat you like a beautiful princess? Meh, think for yourself =)

So if you ARE beautiful on the outside, hopefully your inside is even more fascinating and sparkly. Treat others right, be kind and generous, be aware of what you say to other people, use acceptable language, respect your elders, do what Allah tells you to do and be humble. If you can do this, then i guarantee you that you WILL appear as one of the most beautiful women that ever lived, and everyone will love you. =)
Don't be afraid of what people will think. If you're doing the right thing, and its a beautiful thing, should it really matter? No.

If you don't think you're physically beautiful, then don't let that bring you down to think that no one would think that you're beautiful at all. Because if you have a fascinating inner beauty, then they will automatically think that you ARE beautiful. Its because they start to like your attitude and behavior, and everything they think about you would be positive. So they will either accept you and not care about how you look, or think that you're beautiful as a whole, thanks to your amazing personality. You don't need makeup or pretty clothes to be beautiful. If you have a beautiful personality, then you'll already be loved. Like I said ,the physical beauty is not needed, its only a bonus. ;)
Try it. Go out, look normal, help or be nice to someone, and see if they'll be smiling =)
Making somebody smile already makes you a beautiful person =')

And this doesn't just go for girls. For boys, girls will love it if you have an awesome personality, even if you don't have much of the looks ;)
Are YOU beautiful? If you're willing to be a better person and improve your inner beauty, then yes. Yes you are.




Inspiration is Bliss’s Photos - Wall Photos on We Heart It.



  1. Very well said i admire your words and also you. for me your BEAUTIFUL. Thanks!



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