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Unforgettable Years.

I have to say, the last three years of my life was too amazing for me to be able to describe it with the right words. I feel so blessed with all of the experience i had gained, everything I have learnt and all of the people i have met along my journey. First and foremost, i would like to thank my teachers. Every single one of them, even if all they did was give a tazkirah or tell me that PMR is ‘easy’. They give me hope, especially my subject teachers who have faith in me that i can and will succeed in not only my exams, but my life and future too. They’ve taught me a lot, and i will forever cherish and use the knowledge they have given me, InsyaAllah.

Next, to my classmates. My amazing, incredible classmates. I think i'd rather call you all my siblings, actually. All 14 of you, who have lightened up my days in class with lots of humour and randomness. I honestly think you guys are the best classmates ever! Even though i know i always lecture and annoy you guys, but you still put up with me and I really respect you for that. I know people may think we're the naughty and annoying class and that they don't expect us to do much. I guess that's just everyone's perception of us, because they don't know the truth about our friendships. But we know, don't we? We accept each other's 'weirdness', respect our flaws, and always try and help each other to be better. When people criticize us and try to bring us down, all we did was try to prove them all wrong. Even if people don't think we're the angels of the school, but you guys are MY angels. You light up my days at school, which became one of the reasons why I fell in love with Sri Ayesha. Each and every one of you are different, unique and special. I can see it, even if you can't. And I know that wherever life takes us after these amazing years together, you guys CAN and WILL be amazing no matter what. Just remember how we never gave up hope and faith in each other, and remember that Allah is always, always with you. And that you'll NEVER walk alone. I love you guys, thank you. Thank you for all of those wonderful days in class, i'll never forget it. And this year was definitely the best spent with you all. All the best for your future, i'll be extremely proud of you all, I know I will. Special thanks and love to my best friends for the last three amazing years. Putri, Iman, Nabiha and Fareeha. You guys let me discover the true meaning of friendship, which is something very, very beautiful. You guys are amazing.

Another huge part of my life in junior high would definitely be my debating career. I love Sister Nafeesa for forcing me to join the debate club when I first started schooling here when I was in Form 1. She was one of the people who inspired me, trained me, saw me cry when I debated against Form 5 boys from SDAR, saw me win MUSLEH ISDC for the first time and saw me improve along the years. Not to forget Brother Fakhry and Muhammad who also trained me and my teammates. They are all the best debate trainers ever, being great debaters themselves. Thank you guys!!
Of course, I can't forget my teammates. My amazing, wonderful, talented and very patient teammates, Abdul Fattah, Iman Munirah and Syed Abdullah. They were my teammates for my first and last debate competitions. I represented Sri Ayesha in 11 debate competitions so far, and I learnt so much from all of them. But I couldn't have achieved so much without my teammates. Two years ago, we ranked 32nd in the IIUM International Debating Championship. That was our first debate competition together. This year, we ranked 3rd place in the same competition. Can I just repeat that? We ranked THIRD PLACE! Out of what, 90 schools?We made it into the Semi Finals! And we've won the MUSLEH ISDC competition TWICE before(with Sakeenah's help too). Maybe some people don't think that those are such huge achievements, but only you guys and a group of our loyal supporters understand how hard we've worked to achieve so much these past few years. It wouldn't have happened if we hadn't believed in each other and in ourselves. So thank you guys. I would do it all over again just to feel those amazing, unforgettable moments we spent as a team again. I'll never have the perfect “Dream Team” again, unless its with you guys. We created history together. I'll never forget our bond as a team and our amazing friendship. All three of you.

And to my junior debaters, I can see so much potential in you all. Just remember that determination, hard word and spirit was what made us succeed. And you guys can do it too. I wasn't very good at the start, but I know I kept improving the more that I debated. I hope that one day you guys can share the wonderful feeling of achieving something for your team, or even for yourself too. Trust me, debating only gives you benefits, if you have the right intentions. It will help you a LOT in your future. Good luck to you all, I believe in you. And I know Sri Ayesha does too.

Lastly, I want to specially thank Madam Azizah, Sir Fauzi, Madam Suhaila Mohamad and Teacher Hasni. Your support and faith in me is just incredible. If I ever leave Sri Ayesha, your encouragements, support and advice and wise words will always be with me, with the rest of Sri Ayesha.
And to everyone else, I hope and pray that Allah s.w.t. will always bless and guide us all.

Nurkamalia Aqilah Binti Mohamad Hasni, Form 3 Al-Farabi.

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