Last few days of October...

I don't really update much like i said i would, huh? Meh. I guess i enjoy spending time with the world more and more now, yay. But anyways. We had some leftover money from the SDAR Debate Trophy last week, and coincidentally, on the first day we had a deal with Teacher AnNur. She was going to let us eat A&W and Burger King if we made it through the Semi Finals. And we did!
So at school after Friday prayer, Teacher AnNur bought us those awesome food + Big Apple donuts!
And so we ate and Rizal kept complaining about how tubby I am because i haven't been working out. LOL so we talked about fitness for a while and i just kept eating and eating and eating. The root beer was pretty awesome too. My juniors are just hilarious, LOL.

That night, i sleptover at Nani aka Lion's house, cause we were going to hang out at Sunway Pyramid the next day. Had a fun time at her house, just chilling and stalking people online, haha. We spent half of our time on our phones though, lol. 
At Sunway Pyramid, we watched In Time at the cinema. I LOVE THAT MOVIE SO MUCH! Taught me  a whole damn lot too. Now, i appreciate the time i have left in this life more than before. We really recommend the movie to everyone, its quite entertaining. Afterwards, we ate at Wendy's(D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S) and went ice skating!
Had an awesome time with Nani and her siblings! Her lil brother showed me some magic card tricks, i was so impressed xD Oh and Nani finally bought her big, giant Smurf!LOL
Thank you Narnia, i love youu! Had a great time, Wish we had more 'time' too ;)

Awesome way to end the month =)


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