Tun Razak Debate Trophy 2011

Last weekend, I had to lead my own team, without Iman, Fattah and Syed to the 3rd Tun Razak Debate Trophy 2011.
This time, i debated alongside my juniors, Rizal, Eri and Maryam.
I didn't expect much to happen.
THAT's when we didn't get disappointed =)
We made it into the Semi Finals after 4 rounds!=D
It was really fun debating with them, they're so chill and hilarious xD.
And Rizal was the unofficial leader, since he was so spirited and knowledgeable(don't deny it, Rhino) =)
If I stay at SAIS next year, I know we will improve and be awesomer =)
If i move, then i'll trust Sri Ayesha to continue to have great debaters.
THANK YOU to Kak Wani, Fattah and Syed for helping us with our first two motions!
And thank you to Teacher AnNur, Pn Azizah, Sir Fauzi and Fakhry for supporting us!=D

I just realized one thing.
I love debating, no matter how bad i am at it.
So imma keep debating ;)
We won =D

After debating against Kolej Yayasan Saad. THEY'RE AWESOME =D

The junior debate team =D 

The guy with the most hilarious face expressions xD

debating, debating!

With KYS! They're really good, got 2nd place =)

Meet our other leader and our whip speaker, i call him Rhino cause of his hair and shoes ;)
He calls me Cheetah or "the gay girl" haha

the adorable cat we saw

Fourth place, so proud of them =')

Teamwork =)


  1. For some very funny reason, when I first saw the 2 pictures at the top, I thought that was me

  2. LOL, u probably miss debating in school =)

  3. macam mana dengan team baru,OK?




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