Wake up in the morning, with someone wishing you "Good morning, beautiful".
Stretch your arms out wide, your mum comes in, asking if you wanna go and take a morning walk.
You stay in bed, wondering why on Earth you're at home on a Tuesday.
Then you remember you're free from exams for a while.
You get changed, and go for a walk with your mum.
Then your mum meets one of her friends and they talk about their kids for a long, long time.
FINALLY you continue on your walk.
Talk about your future with your mum.
About the possibilities and choices.
She tells you its all up to you.
And you're just standing there wondering exactly WHAT is up to you.
Then your mum walks home and you decide to go to 7Eleven alone and get the new Mountain Dew slurpee.
Then you just stay at home and chill on Tumblr.

This is the life? Haha.


  1. reading your blog makes me smile, and i dont know why..

  2. Haha :D "hidup" after pmr tk seseronok yg semua org expect



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2017 Reading Challenge
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