Three years of education.
AND YEAHHHHHH I'M FREE FROM PMR, BELLYOUTCHES!! (haha that's not a real word btw, AND i wasn't cussing xD)

The moment the clock striked 3.50pm today, i could see the excited look on Fareeha's face. Without hesitating, she started dancing to herself. All i could do was raise my hands up high and silently yell "I'M FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!". Meanwhile, most of my other classmates were only half-celebrating. They've got their last paper tomorrow. But i could see that all 14 of us in the classroom felt relieved. It all happened to fast, but we've been waiting for it for so long.

Oh mann. It feels so incredibly good to let go of something you've been worrying about for three years. Of course, this feeling can't stay for long, but while its here, i say lets just sit back, and take a well-deserved break. 

Oh, but that doesn't mean that we can forget everything that we've learnt and throw away our books and determination. Knowledge is still important and necessary in our lives. If i don't get straight A's in PMR, the least(which is a LOT actually) i got was the knowledge from all of the subjects. Which i KNOW i'll be using later in life.

So to PMR students, batch of 2011:


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2017 Reading Challenge

2017 Reading Challenge
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