Living my *second* dream...

Wow, i didn't expect to get a lot from Sabah.
Yesterday i got to walk around in public alone, today i did something i've always dreamed of doing too.

I laid down underneath the stars.
Amazing. Absolutely amazing.

Alhamdulillah. Dear God, only you know how thankful i am for the clear sky tonight.
Watching those beautiful stars shine gives me hope for my future =)

At first, i could only see a few stars, because they shined so bright. Then i realized that i'm short sighted, so then i put my glasses on. Slowly, one by one, the dimmer stars started to give up in hiding from me.
Slowly, they shone brighter. It was like i was playing Hide n Seek with the stars. If i looked carefully, i could see hundreds of stars shining. But when i blinked, some of them disappeared.

Was it just a figment of my imagination? Yesterday i would've said YES.
But today, no. I wasn't imagining it. Allah let me see those beautiful, incredible stars shine.
Sure, there weren't as many as i imagined there would be.
But still, i was really amazed. I wish i could've stayed under them forever.
But life must go on. And those stars told me to be strong and continue on my journey in life.
One day, i will see those stars again. I want to tell them about my life since the last time i saw them.
I really can't describe the amazing feeling i got when i saw their beauty. It was the escape that i needed and always craved for.

One day. With someone special, hopefully.
Oh yeah, what's up with all of the sand photography? haha, i got bored at the beach xD


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